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My story: the naturopathic doctor near me

The naturopathic doctor near me
“I did not realize nutrition can be so powerful, I wish I knew earlier. Food can truly be medicine!” said to me a patient recently. Her transformation from ongoing joint pains, fatigue, weight gain to no pain and much better energy was quite remarkable for her. She admitted that after the first visit with me she did not think that changing her diet and adding few supplements will help her so much and so quickly, but she implemented all the changes I asked her.

Talking to her reminded me about my journey.

I was a young immigrant to the US, so excited about all the opportunities here and ready to get started on the journey of becoming a doctor in the United States. I knew it was a difficult journey, but I was determined. But 4 months after moving to US, I found myself getting sicker each week.

The occasional joint pains turned into significant fatigue, joint pains and stiffness in my hands, as well as digestive issues daily. This was not normal for someone in their 20’s but I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with me… I have visited 2 rheumatologists, a family practitioner, and talked to several colleagues. All my tests were normal and no diagnosis was found for what was ailing me. I was even told that this might be in my head due to all the stress from moving and starting a new life.

But I knew this was not my normal and I was determined to figure out how to get better. A pill was not going to solve my issues, so I kept searching for answers.

The naturopathic doctor near me

Fortunately, I met a naturopathic doctor near me who took his time to learn about me, my symptoms, and my life circumstances. He suspected I might be reacting to some foods and have some nutrient imbalances. I finally felt heard and was so glad doctors like that exist! He was able to pinpoint, with a few thorough tests that I was suffering from food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and a leaky gut.

The news was shocking, as these were not things I learned in medical school.

The transformation happened so fast

I was resistant to give up my favorite foods: gluten, dairy and tomatoes which were on my food sensitivity list. However, a week after giving up the foods I noticed a significant transformation: my joints were not hurting, my energy was improving, and I was able to do more things during the day. I could not believe it!

I added some supplements for my digestion and vitamins I was low in and continued to feel even better. This was my normal, this was my baseline that I was looking for. I was very grateful for this root cause, holistic approach and I was determined to study it.

The functional doctor near you

This experience showed me that there are functional tests that can be done when conventional blood work looks normal and there are more ways to help your body, beyond medications. I continued to take the courses in Functional Medicine and hone my skills in herbal and nutritional treatments. This has allowed me to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medicine and to help more people for which a conventional medicine approach is not enough.

To regain balance is not only possible, but it is necessary for a better quality of life. As you have read this article up to this point, I know it has given you hope that your health can improve with a few, well-directed changes in your lifestyle. I am here to guide you and assist you in this journey, just as the naturopathic doctor near me offered his help and changed my life.

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