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Glycemic index and glycemic load free printable

Glycemic index and glycemic load free printable

Glycemic index and glycemic load free printable

After reading about the glycemic index and glycemic load you must have been wondering about the GI and GL of common foods. The following table and the free printable below both list approximate serving sizes for some of the most commonly recommended carbohydrate-containing foods.

All of the foods listed here are lower to medium GI and GL.

Foods in the Protein, Nuts & Seeds, Fats & Oils, Non-starchy Vegetables, and Beverages, Spices, and Condiments categories have none or a negligible amount of carbohydrate and have less impact on blood sugar. High-GI and-GL foods are not recommended on a daily basis, as these can result in blood sugar imbalances.

Butternut squash (cubed) 1 cup518
Plantain1/3 cup or 1/2 whole6612
Potato (purple, red, sweet, yellow)1/2 medium8213
Parsnip1/2 cup525
Yam1/2 medium 356
Beets (cubed)1 cup649
Bean soup3/4 cup6410
Black soybeans 1/2 cup16<1
Dried beans, lentils, peas1/2 cup24-364-5
Green peas1/2 cup222
Hummus1/3 cup 6<1
Refried beans (vegetarian) 1/4 cup382
Oats (rolled) 1/2 cup5913
Brown rice1/3 cup6210
Quinoa 1/2 cup539
Barley1/3 cup279
Apple1 small407
Blueberries3/4 cup253
Orange 1 small424
Strawberries1 1/4 cup 333
Pear 1 small427
Milk (full-fat cow) 8 ounces 344
Soy milk8 ounces 437
Greek yogurt (unsweetened) 6 ounces 121

Free printable

Keep this information somewhere where you can see it every day and soon you’ll realise you’ve learned it well and you’ll know exactly the glycemic values of these common foods. Download the free glycemic index and glycemic load free printable (PDF), print it and stick it to your fridge.

Also, whenever you need to refresh your knowledge about finding balance, remember to scan the QR code and quickly go to our website for more articles.

Furthermore, help your friends have their own little glycemic values poster – download it and share it with them via email, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make the right food choices. It’s a fine balance among personal taste, nutritional value, availability, affordability and time needed to prepare the food. Creating the perfect plate can be a daunting task and the body needs proper nourishment every day.

If you are struggling with finding the right balance when choosing your foods and you need an eating plan you can easily follow and integrate into your lifestyle, click the button below and make an appointment.

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