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Frequently asked questions

Initial appointments are 1.5 hours in length.  Follow ups are 30-60 min in length depending on complexity. After the initial appointment you will receive an individualized written plan that may include diet and lifestyle changes and lab tests. The first follow up visit is typically in 4-5 weeks to review the results. We will then meet monthly until you reached your health goals.

Yes, all potential patients are required to complete Heath Questionnaires and fill out their demographics on the portal prior to their first appointment.

Please bring your supplements and medications and upload on the portal your medical records and labs from the last 2 years.

No, we are an out of network practice and payment is expected at the time of appointment. We will provide you with a Super bill that you can submit to your insurance. Many patients get reimbursed up to 70% of the cost of the visit depending on their out of network coverage. We are not a participating provider for Medicare or Medicaid. However, the lab work Dr Sisu orders is usually covered by your insurance.

Here are some reasons why we don’t take insurance. In order to bill insurance, providers must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to decide which services will be covered and the amount of time physicians can spend with their patients. That fee usually covers only 10 minutes of physician’s time, which is the reason why insurance-based clinics have to see more patients in less time to keep up with low reimbursements. During these short appointments, patients might receive a prescription, perhaps a referral to a specialist and minimal counselling on the root cause of their medical issues. Insurance companies are typically not focused on integrative therapies and do not reimburse counselling on nutrition and lifestyle as part of treatment of chronic disease. We will work with you to reduce and resolve your condition by identifying and treating the underlying ‘root’ cause and try to minimize prescription medications if possible. In order to gather your complete history and understand the root causes of your health issues we spend up 30-90 minutes with our patients, which is not compatible with the reimbursement provided by the 10 minutes insurance model.

The first appointment is typically 1.5 hours ($630), and follow up appointments range from 30-60min depending on complexity ($230-460). Your health investment might also include copays for functional medicine testing as well as supplements.

We accept all forms of credit cards as well as Flexible spending and HSA cards. We will provide you with a receipt and a Superbill with CPT and ICD10 codes.  We do not work directly with your insurance company in submitting paperwork. Reimbursement is highly dependent on your unique insurance plan and your deductibles.

Yes. Depending on your insurance plan you could pay nothing for your routine labs or a deductible. It is impossible for any medical practice to know what your unique insurance plan covers and or carries for deductibles. Functional medicine lab work is typically not fully covered and carries copays. It is the patients’ responsibility for payment should there be additional fees. Please call your insurance before having any labs drawn.

Yes, we do offer both telemedicine and phone appointments. We need to see you in our office at least once a year.

Yes.  We have a 48-hour cancellation policy as patients are waiting few weeks to see us and we cannot fill appointment slots on a short notice. Should you cancel or reschedule within the 48 hours prior to your appointment you will be responsible for a half of your appointment fee.

We are a specialty Functional Medicine practice and require that you have a PCP to see you for urgent matters. Dr Sisu is trained as a primary care physician and can order all the tests your PCP does, but the focus of the practice is on holistic and preventative medicine.