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Therapeutic Yoga to Release Constrictions and Energetic Blockages In The Throat

Therapeutic Yoga to Release Constrictions and Energetic Blockages In The Throat


We are continuing to offer classes at Restore Balance!  As you embark on a journey toward holistic health and well-being, take advantage of our Yoga & Meditation Classes at Restore Balance Integrative Medicine that are designed to support your healing! 🧘‍♂️

Lisa Haskins, CIAYT, M.Ed, NCBT and Dr. Sisu are back to teach this workshop, which will help you reconnect with your body and recover balance in the body and the mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out:

Ever feel as if you are moving through life without a clear sense of direction that is directly aligned with your truth? Realigning, releasing, and navigating with wisdom toward what serves body, mind, and spirit requires clear seeing, inner strength, and skillful alignment of our actions. Intentional choices can support us in making decisions with clarity. Listening and acknowledging the messages from the body and a still mind can support us in moving forward, in setting guideposts, and in releasing what does not serve our well-being.

🌟 Do you find it difficult to articulate and express what you need and want with clarity and personal truth?

🌟 Are your shoulders, neck, and throat constricted and tight?

🌟 Are limiting beliefs holding you in a place that feels stuck?

🌟 Are there times you feel stuck on autopilot or pulled by distractions, fantasy, or distortions in the mind?

Learn and practice the tools and techniques of therapeutic yoga: meditation, affirmations, mudras, chanting, mindful yoga movements, reflective writing, and breathing techniques designed to support you in regaining an alignment between your actions, your clear voice, and your deeply held meaning and goals.

Join us to discover throat energy’s link to expression, mind-body unity; grasp neuroscience’s stress, reward insights. Align actions, reflect, practice for purposeful living.

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