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Strenghten your immune system: posture and breathing

Strenghten your immune system: posture and breathing

Please watch this video where I discussed with Heather Carr PT about the physiology and physics of immune health.

Dr. Heather Carr is a Physical Therapist from One 2 One Physical Therapy, specializing in breathing and  Postural Restoration.

This is a timely video to watch if you want to stay healthy during this pandemic, as it offers both the perspective of a certified Functional Medicine Physician and the one of a Physical Therapist.

What you will learn:

  • practical and easy strategies to strenghten your immune system
  • how your posture and your breathing have a direct influence on your ability to clear out and move inflammatory debris
  • how to take care of your body better than before

Did you like this video? Maybe it’s time to try the functional approach to health.

Book an appointment now or simply contact us to learn more.

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