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10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse & Detox

10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse & Detox

Dear patients and friends,

I am partnering with Cheryl Mirabella, nutritionist and health coach to offer you a virtual 10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse & Detox from 2/17/21 – 3/3/21.

Shed old habits, pick up energy, vitality and release a few pounds too! Be part of a group guided by your MD and nutritionist who offer you the science, the support and encouragement you need to be successful!

This cleanse done with healthy foods and gut and liver support supplements will help re-start, re-boot and re-energize you to a healthy whole foods way of eating. By removing irritants, allergens, preservatives, added sugars and toxins and supporting liver detoxification you can help restore balance and de-stress the digestive tract. 

This Detox and Clean Eating Spring Cleanse is right for you if you are feeling:

  • Low on energy
  • Bloated, inflamed and heavy
  • Unable to lose weight
  • A desire to improve your eating habits
  • Controlled by cravings for sugar.
You will be an active participant in 2 zoom classes and will enjoy 10 days of learning in the comfort and convenience of your own home! You will also receive:
  • Meal guidelines for 10 days and Recipes galore!
  • Easy and tasty recipes & shopping list
  • Cleanse Log & Food/ Mood Journal
  • Links to books, movies, and many helpful resources
  • Daily encouraging email support
  • The power of a community – you will be part of private Facebook group offering support and encouragement
  • Calls will be recorded if you cannot make it

Program Details:

  • Starts on Wednesday February 17th, 2021 from 7:00pm – 8:00 pm with a Zoom web class (will be recorded as well)
  • Check in class with detox tips on February 24 2021 from 7:00pm – 8:00 pm

Register here for the 10 day Detox and Clean Eating Spring Cleanse Program for $79.

If you want to make the detox more effective you can add a supplement kit geared to detox the liver.

The Core Restore detox kit with liver detox supplements is $99 purchased from Fullscript – search for “Core Restore” once you are logged in. Please order soon to receive the kit by 2/17/2021. The kit is 10% discounted from original price. The Core Restore detox supplements are optional, but they will make the cleanse more effective. 

Please share this email with your family, friends and clients who might also benefit from this program!

I am looking forward to see you on the call!
Dr Sisu

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